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three is an experimental documentation of revelations of self, wander, curiosity, playfulness, and longing through a road trip.


Bo Nawacharee, born and raised in Bangkok Thailand, is a writer/director based mainly in Los Angeles.

Bo’s works are narrative-based, grounded in the human nature with otherworldliness elements. She often denies having feelings towards people yet most of her works explore the human connections and relationships with each other and the world itself.

With backgrounds in Cultural Studies and critical analysis, she also engages in multidisciplinary arts and event productions.

Growing up spending time in various cities around the world, Bo is not bounded to Los Angeles, and always up on the feet with her bags ready to go.

Director Statement

‘three’ is a personal project I’ve been wanting to made throughout the summer.

For couple of years, I’ve been using super8 as one of my coping mechanisms. I would go around and shoot on super8 when I’m too much in my head or stressing about other projects. Here for three it has became not just that but also a documentation, an expression, and an exploration.

‘three’ involved my friends and myself through our trip in Arizona, which if I were to say «rocky» would be an understatement. However, with three, I think there are much more positivities coming out of my criticisms of the trip, my own mistakes, and myself. We revealed personal parts of ourselves for something we can’t quite grasp, not even the intention of revelation itself, but we do as a part of who we are and what we do.

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