Climbing Eros



"Climbing Eros" takes place on a Greek island in the Saronic Gulf. The short film explores the stages of a pilgrimage through the eyes of director Charles M Pepiton and his young son who walk the island—from the deserted lighthouse on one end to the peak of Mt. Eros—whilst artist Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton collects botanicals to create inks for painting. Each finds a means to reconcile with loss and return to the earth and to themselves. The film features two meditations written for the film by Damon Falke—one of confession, one of returning to materiality—that knit the threads of hiking and gathering around Jean-Luc Marion’s notion that “loving requires distance and the crossing of distance.”


Charles M Pepiton works as Producing Artistic Director for Square Top Theatre (STT) and Associate Professor of Theatre at Gonzaga University. His previous films include STT's Koppmoll and Laura, or Scenes from a Common World. Read more about his work at