Memory Place



Memory Place follows three moments of memory on the fraying certainty of home. The visualizations are produced through point cloud data using 3D scanning techniques to portray and preserve private and public recollections. The videos invite the viewer to 'walk inside' these moments, creating an immersive experience of a fading past. The piece explores the alienation that arises from the changing socio-political climate of Turkey as Istanbul becomes more of an idea than a place. As a few moments remain intact, recollections of safe and cherished times with family remain as the only uninterrupted memories in contrast with the changing nature of Istanbul.


Zeynep Abes is an artist and curator from Istanbul, Turkey. She studied film and interactive media at Emerson College, later getting her start at LACMA’s Art+Tech lab. She then worked at the Sundance Film Festival's New Frontier Exhibitions and is a recent graduate from UCLA’s Design Media Arts MFA program. She primarily works with archived photography, video, and immersive media. Her subjects revolve around identity, history, and loss of memory. She is deeply influenced by Istanbul’s city culture and in pursuit of exploring shifting identities to navigate the struggle and alienation that arise from changing social environments.