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WARREN BASS is an independent filmmaker and former Chair of Film and Media Arts at Temple University where he teaches screen directing, cinematography, and animation. He was trained at the Yale School of Art in color and graphics, the Yale School of Drama in directing (with Honors), and at Columbia University in film as their School of the Arts Scholar. He has taught at Yale, NYU, AFI, and the State University of California, served as trustee of the University Film Study Center housed at Harvard/MIT, Vice President of the University Film and Video Association, on the Board of Directors of Canyon Cinema, guest editor of The Journal of Film and Video, and for an extensive period as Director of Temple University’s Graduate Program in Film. His essays on visual style have been published in English, Polish, Turkish and Chinese. His textbook on camcorders is published in seven countries. He has directed theater in six cities including at Lincoln Center and off-Broadway in New York, and at the Annenberg Center in Philadelphia. His film and video productions have been aired on PBS, syndicated television and cable in the U.S. and on European, Asian and Australian Television. His work has received over 100 regional, national and international awards. Professor Bass is a recipient of both the Great Teacher Award and the Creative Achievement Award from Temple University.
LIZ GOLDBERG is trained in painting and graphics with an MFA from Pratt Institute and a BFA from York University. She is currently on the Art faculty of Pratt in NYC and Drexel University in Philadelphia. Liz Goldberg and Warren Bass have collaborated on animated films since 1999.


"Cuban Queens" is an experimental film that approaches hand-drawn animation as a structuralist and painterly art form. It rhythmically constructs, de-constructs and explores ninety-nine evolving images of Havana's street divas. The production is a collaboration by Warren Bass (direction, animation and music), Lowell Boston (additional animation), and artist Liz Goldberg (original graphics, sketched on the streets of Havana).

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