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The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) is the largest art museum in the United States and holds one of the most important art history collections in the world. It was founded on April 13, 1870, opened on February 20, 1872, and is a universal museum claiming completeness of its art collection fields and epochs.
What happens when we realise that nature would be able to create something equivalent out of civilisational waste?The video addresses the man-made dualism of nature and culture. It calls for a critical engagement with the environment and fights for the survival of our ecosystem from an artistic position. In an irritating way, this archive of sculptures made of various plastics, resembles highly valued archaeological and cultural artifacts of past civilizations. These everyday finds are seen as proxies of a bygone era that has unearthed an indescribable amount of trash. At the same time, these relics of our consumptive behavior, in addition to their destructive energy, possess their own sculptural power and beauty. This paradox plays ironically with the values and ideas of Western art history.

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